The Reality of Dreams

I have a small canvas hung in my bedroom that reads daydreaming is my specialtyThe wall used to be a tribute to the Stranger Things wall but whatever.

image1 (5)Once I saw it (on sale at that point) I knew I needed it because daydreaming is a part of me as much as my arms or legs. I don’t mean that kind of daydreaming that inhibits work, I mean the simple daydreams that make work worth it.

Yes, I’m currently interning and while I get to a lot of fun things (assisting in commercial shoots, designing on Photoshop, and watching the pros at work), I’m also stuck withe the not-so-glamorous work.

I collect the trash at the end of the day.

If there’s a tour coming though, I make sure the office is clean.

Need a basketball for the shoot later? Find me at Walmart picking one up.

Only, I do all of this, the fun and the not-so-fun with a smile on my face because even though I’m trying not to touch any trash with my bare hands on the outside: My head is thinking about how one day I’ll have the story about how I came from those grub-job intern days while I sit in lavish offices overlooking the New York skyline.

Maybe I won’t even end up there, that’s true.

But what’s the sense in any of my grub-work if I’m not thinking of how to overcome it?

So I say, keep daydreaming! Share your wildest daydreams out loudPut those incredible thoughts in the universe and let them loose in the air.

My brother, on his drunken rants, would tell me to write your goal down. That’s what I did. I wrote it down and I did it.

The concept of daydreaming and letting people in on your mind is sort of the same. If you share it with someone else, you accomplish a few things:IMG_3230

  1. Someone will support you in your dreams. Big dreams usually need a few supporters and the positivity can only help you!
  2. It keeps you honest. When you share what you want with someone, you are almost forced to work towards it. If you say I want to go on a jog today to someone, you’re more likely to do it just in case that person asks how that jog went, you get to say you’ve done it
  3. You COULD end up sharing your goals with the right person. The more people who know what your aspirations are, the more likely it’ll be that you’ll find a person who has a real shot of helping you achieve them. So don’t be shy about it.

I’m extremely grateful for all of my friends, family, and coworkers who let me rant about all things casting and New York.


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