The "Real" World

Live Action, Dead Creativity

This post is brought to you by my reading this article on backstage’s website, letting the world know that they are looking for actors to play in a new live action retelling of Disney’s Aladdin.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for all things Disney, and obviously I am dying to  know who will be cast for these parts, as casting is what I want to do.

Still, there is something almost numbing in thinking about another live action movie coming out.

One half me is loving seeing my childhood favorites with a face lift, the other is sad that it seems no one daring to do anything new.

All of me is mad about what they did to Mrs. Potts though. 2017 Mrs. Potts is straight from my nightmares, where as I can see having some tea with the familiar purple one.

I haven’t had the opportunity to see the new Beauty and the Beast, although I want to. I was very excited about the idea at first. I love Emma Watson (despite never seeing the Harry Potter movies, don’t hate me), and I grew up envying Belle’s library as well as her yellow dress. But seeing that more and more live action films are being planned has me thinking that there’s a lack of creativity in Big Hollywood.

I want to make a distinction here because there are thousands of filmmakers not in Hollywood who are more creative than I’ll ever be, but I digress.

In addition, there are many books being turned into movies as well.

To me, this is not the same issue of the remakes because the books were creative. The issue is that someone couldn’t make up their own film idea and had to use someone else’s.

I don’t want book to movie adaptations to stop in the slightest, though! In fact, I love going to see them, and it’s a true honor to the author in my opinion. I just would like to see a bit more originality in Hollywood overall.

Okay, that started to come off a bit on the rant side, which I didn’t want.

To reel this rant-mobile back in, I will say that I’ll definitely be keeping up with who is being cast as Aladdin and Jasmine! Because, let’s face it, Aladdin will make all the ladies swoon and Jasmine is bound to make me jealous. (Let’s hope they’re talented as well).

What are your thoughts?

Is Hollywood just living out our childhood dreams? Or are they losing their creative spark?



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